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Pool & Sauna variations in the Hotel Strass

Recreation & relaxation

Many, many health and leisure orientated options await in Sport & Spa Hotel Strass in Mayrhofen. A few lengths in the swimming pool or simply relaxing in the Jacuzzi and whirlpools. Work up a sweat up in the Finnish sauna first at temperatures of 90° to 100° C, before cooling off with a cold shower and then taking time out to relax. At temperatures of ca. 70° C, the organic sauna at Sporthotel Strass is particularly agreeable for the circulation system. Treat your body to a light therapy session afterwards, or relax in the swimming pool in the sauna area.

Spa & Wellness Holidays in Mayrhofen im Zillertal

Give your health a real boost at Sporthotel Strass in Zillertal. As long as 2,000 years ago, the Romans knew all about the beneficial effects of steam baths. The Roman steam bath is particularly soothing and aids detoxification. The additional benefit: steam softens the skin and regenerates the respiratory tract. Savour the warmth and humidity at 47° C and do something good for your body!

The Inhalation Grotto

The inhalation grotto is another source of good health at the Hotel in Mayrhofen: inhale the combination of gentle steam and saltwater mist and allow the soothing elements to take effect on your skin and respiratory tract. If you then fancy refreshments, visit one of the in-house bars or restaurants. You also have a Laconium room and infrared cabin at your disposal at Sporthotel Strass. The traditional Laconium room (ancient Greeks actually practiced this kind of detoxification) heats the body to temperatures of 48° C. After around 15 minutes, the detoxification process begins by means of intense sweating. You can pleasantly relax at temperatures of 40° to 60° C in the infrared cabin. The combination of warmth and light strengthens the central nervous and immune system.

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