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Beauty & Massages in the Hotel Strass

Benefit for body, mind and soul

After a cleansing shower, the Hamam treatment commences with a warming steam bath where you can relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Savour the ambience, inhale the soothing ethereal fragrances and let your mind drift. The whole body is then treated with a glove made from fine goat hair and the famous soap massage. The treatment comes to a gradual end as the body is rinsed with lukewarm water. Perfect after a day on the slopes or in the mountains of Zillertal and true indulgence for body, mind and soul.

Healing Baths and Massages in Zillertal

You can not only gently relax in this fragrant, soothing bath: water and warmth also have a regenerating effect on the skin. The immune system is stimulated and the body's own defence system strengthened. A pleasant bath also boosts circulation and has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and joints. Afterwards, you will feel great from top to bottom because your body was in its "element" - after all, it is made up of 80 percent water.

Thalasso & Saline Bath - healing power of the sea

Add a little salt, and water becomes more than water. Seawater and blood plasma - purely from a chemical point of view - are closely related and very compatible. Therefore, an awful lot happens in a salt-enriched bath: saline baths draws excess water from the deeper layers of tissue in the body, whilst satiating it with minerals and trace elements. The skin prefers it salty: it bloats less than in normal fresh water. Treatment with sea mud improves blood circulation and stimulates the foot reflex zones. Combined with a massage, self-warming sea mud has toning and firming effects. Savour the "Royal Tub" with healing baths and an underwater massage with 250 jet nozzles.

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