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Active summer holidays in Mayrhofen

Sports & Entertainment in the Hotel Strass

In Sport & Spa Hotel Strass in Mayrhofen there are lots of entertainment options available. For sport and games there are numerous facilities available indoors and outdoors, and a programme of events. You can try the Techno-Gym equipment and play squash, tennis, snooker, Pit-Pat (mini-golf played with a snooker cue) or table tennis. Take advantage of the special varieties on offer for fitness and fun during your summer holiday, and also try some of the wellness and beauty facilities!

Fitness equipment and ball games in the hotel

In the Sport & spa Hotel Strass in Zillertal you can train in the fitness centre with the very latest equipment. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym and cardio machines and provides a suitable setting for your fitness goals. For beginners to racket sports there are two squash courts and a tennis court outdoors. For those who play table tennis there is are ping pong tables indoor and outdoor available – so there is plenty of diversity on offer for those who enjoy ball games.

Entertainment playing snooker and 'Pit-Pat'

In the games area in the sport & spa Hotel Strass in Mayrhofen there are also snooker tables available. Take a bit of time to have a go with a cue and balls, and play a game which requires concentration – you'll come to realise it's not that easy! Not heard about Pit-Pat? Then it's time for your first session! Playing mini-golf on tables outdoors you get to test your abilities.

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